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Team Shaikh Realty is a leading voice in the North Orlando real-estate market. We are committed to helping you find a residential, commercial, or industrial property to meet all your needs.
Show us your direction. We’ll help lead the way.
Together, let’s make your real-estate dream a reality.

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Two Shaikhs
One Vision

Team Shaikh is led by brothers Ahsan “Sonny” Shaikh and Kash Shaikh. Our own life experiences have shaped our values, fostered our growth, and given us the drive to succeed. We believe in the strength of cultivating mutually beneficial relationships to create positive results. Success for us means actualizing success for you.

Looking To Buy

If you’re looking to buy a property in North Orlando, it’s important to find a team that will work with you and understands your goals to help you find the perfect place for you.

Whether you’re looking for your multi-million dollar dream home or a commercial space for your new business, Team Shaikh has the experience you need to pursue the listings and close on your coveted property.

Sell Your High-value Property

Selling a high-value property can be a complicated venture. Team Shaikh takes the stress and uncertainty out of this process.

Over the years, we’ve curated connections with an audience comprised of high net-worth individuals who are ready to invest in the Northern Orlando area. Selling your high-value property has never been easier!

Sell your Orlando property the “Team Shaikh Way”.

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The North Orlando area is home to many coveted residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Check out some current hot property and land listings below.

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