Buying a Home Out Of State: A Concise Guide

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Purchasing a house, in general, can be a bit stressful if you’re new to the process. Buying a house out of state can be just as nerve-racking, especially if you’re not familiar with your desired new area or the process involved with out-of-state home buying.

You may feel like you’re at a disadvantage because you’re an out-of-state home buyer. However, there are some ways you can make the experience of buying a home out of state more rewarding and productive.

Hire a Buyer’s Agent

The first step to take when buying a house out of state is to hire a buyer’s agent in the state where you’ll be moving. A listing agent, while equally capable of handling this process, is more likely to represent the seller.

This means you may not get the best possible price for your new home since they’re not focused on your best interests. A buyer’s agent also won’t disclose your personal information unless you give permission for them to do so.

There are relocation specialists prepared to help you find a reputable buyer’s agent. Another option is to work with an agent or Realtor in your new location with a solid reputation based on the information you are able to find about them.

It’s also possible to go to open houses in the state you plan to move to find an agent. However, this may not be all too practical if long-distance travel is going to be an issue and hindrance.

Gather ‘Insider Info’ from Your Agent

A Realtor familiar with working with people buying a house out of state in the state where you will be moving can be a valuable source of information beyond what you can find online. For instance, if you are relocating to North Orlando, a reputable buying agent in this area can also give you details about:

  • Local schools
  • The nature of North Orlando communities
  • Proximity to shopping and dining areas
  • Local and state taxes

Plan to Look at Homes

Realistically, you’re probably not going to be able to make frequent trips from New York, California, Texas, or any other state you may live in just to check out possible new places to call home in Florida. Fortunately, a Realtor specializing in the needs of buyers can email you listings.

What’s more, these will be listings that match your preferences and price range. This can be a real time-saver when you are busy getting things ready for your move on your end.

It’s also not unusual today for these listings to include photos, videos, and even virtual tours. Listings of this nature can also make it easier for you to ask questions and narrow down your preferences.

Once you’ve zeroed in on one or two homes that really catch your eye, you can always make arrangements to fly in to see them in person on a weekend or a specific day of the week that’s convenient for you. This will give you a chance to get a feel for your potential new community before making a commitment.

Consider Electronic Signing

Buying a house out of state doesn’t necessarily require a series of back-and-forth flights. If you really need to wrap up an out-of-state purchase quickly, you can always sign an offer electronically.

Simultaneous Closing Issues

The process of selling an existing home in one state to buy a new one in another state sometimes can be complicated or impossible. Why? Because most banks funding a buyer’s new home won’t authorize a home loan until they have a statement confirming the sale of the buyer’s existing home. Hiring an experienced Realtor can help you navigate these pesky hurdles and make the process much easier for you.

Typical Process of Buying a Home Out of State

While there are exceptions, don’t count on being able to quickly orchestrate a simultaneous closing if you’ll be selling in one state and buying in another one. Instead, you’ll likely have more success if you take the following steps:

  • Closing on your existing home
  • Wiring the funds to the closer handling your new home purchase
  • Faxing the HUD (settlement) statement that confirms the sale of your existing home
  • Securing funds from your lender
  • Closing your new home purchase

Planning a Relocation to Orlando

If you’ll be moving to Orlando from another state, working with a reliable Realtor can absolutely make the entire process less stressful. An agent with knowledge of out-of-state purchases can help you out by:

  • Gathering initial details about your home preferences
  • Answering your questions about the Orlando area
  • Offering recommendations for local lenders
  • Serving as a link between you and sellers

A smart way to make the process of buying a house out of state stress-free is to work with a trusted and knowledgeable Realtor committed to making your new home purchase one you’ll be pleased with for many years to come. If your intended destination is North Orlando or the surrounding area, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

7 Reasons to Move to Florida in 2019

More than 21 million people already call the Sunshine State home, so if you are planning to move to Florida, you won’t be alone! Even a move within Florida, from city to city, especially to Central Florida, can be a smart relocation choice. Take a moment to consider the following seven reasons why a move to Florida in 2019 should definitely be on your personal agenda!

1. The Sun’s (Almost) Always Shining

If you move to Florida from New York or another northeastern state, you’ll instantly notice and appreciate the abundance of sunshine once you arrive. Apalachicola boasts the highest number of annual sunny days in the state with 128 (on average).

But you’ll still catch a lot of rays in Daytona Beach, Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Pensacola, West Palm Beach, Tampa, and many other places in the state. What’s more, temperatures are routinely in the 60s and 70s even during the winter months!

2. Some of America’s Best Beaches Are Here

For times when the sun is making things a bit too hot, it won’t take you long to a find a cool, relaxing beach in Florida. In Key West, for example, you can grab your snorkel gear or put your swimwear on and head over to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.

And paddle-boarding, surfing, swimming, sailing, and snorkeling are just some of the many ways you can enjoy Delray Beach. This is just one of nearly 700 beaches in Florida!

Of course, Miami’s beaches are iconic and perfect if you want to be close to active nightlife and trendy dining destinations once you get out of the water. And don’t forget to visit the beaches at Sanibel Island if you’re looking to add to or start your seashell collection!

3. Disney World

Since this is what comes to mind when most people think of Florida, it’s certainly worthy of a mention. Offering nearly 50 rides and an assortment of attractions and live shows, Disney World is almost like its very own city!

Sure, all things Disney are very tourist-friendly, but you’ll have the hometown advantage if you move to Florida, specifically in the Orlando area. You’ll also be able to visit during the off-season, and you won’t have to try to squeeze in everything within a limited number of days, either! Ever thought about a date night at Disney without the kids? It’s fun! You should try it once you find your dream home with Team Shaikh.

4. Amazing Eats

Because of the pleasant weather that’s commonplace in Florida, a move here means you’ll have plenty of year-round opportunities to sample tasty treats at outdoor parties and events. Food is also easily accessible at local farmer’s markets, parades, festivals, and other outdoor gatherings.

Become a Florida resident and you’ll also have access to top restaurants, including some with world-famous chefs. Your palate will be just as pleased with what’s offered at charming neighborhood diners and cafés.

5. The Housing Market Is Booming

Florida’s housing market is thriving big time! New homes are literally popping up all over the state, including many of the popular cities and towns located in Central Florida.

Even if a beautiful beachfront home isn’t in your budget, there are many existing single-family home, townhouses, and condos that are affordable. The state is also loaded with rental homes and apartments in many different price ranges.

6. It’s a Sports-Lovers Paradise

Home to several professional sports teams, Florida is a state where you won’t have to worry about finding a new favorite team to cheer on. You’ll be just as awestruck with the state’s many college and high-school teams.

Orlando City Soccer Club, the Orlando Pride, & Orlando Magic are just some of the top-notch franchises rooted in Central Florida. The state is also where the annual Daytona 500 takes place.

7. There’s No State Income Tax

If you need a practical incentive to move to Florida from New York or similar states with income tax, you’ll be pleased to know the Sunshine state does not have this tax!

So, feel free to use more of your hard-earned bucks when you move here to soak up the atmosphere at popular clubs, take in a concert, spend the day at a trendy festival, or treat yourself to a delicious meal at a five-star culinary hot spot.

Whether you are contemplating a move to Florida from New York, a move in Florida from one part of the state to another, or a relocation from elsewhere in the U.S. to the Sunshine State, you’ll have no shortage of reasons to call a place home where there’s always something to do, see, or enjoy!